Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turning On Message Alerts In Outlook 2007

All software from Microsoft comes with a range of options that is can be opted for by the Windows user. Microsoft Outlook 2007 is one among them which provides a range of options with regard to accessing their email. This makes it an email client application. One of the most useful features of this program is that it is equipped with a tool which will bring on a pop up alert whenever an outlook user receives a mail in his or her mailbox. Every windows user can configure their Outlook 2007 email client program to receive message alert pop ups on their desktop by modifying the outlook settings.
For example all smart phones that are available in the market today are packed with tools that pop up a message alert whenever it receives an SMS, email or instant messages from chat clients and other applications. The platforms developed for these phones allow these devices to produce different kinds of sound alerts according to the type of message that has reached the phone. This kind of option allows you to recognize what sort of message has reached your inbox. Microsoft outlook allows a user to turn on/ off these alerts as per their desire. Tag along these instructions to know more about this.
Uncover the Microsoft Outlook 2007 program from your Microsoft office suite.
Go to the "Tools" tab to pave way for the "Options" tab from the contextual menu.
Pick out the "Preferences" tab and later move towards the "Email Options" tab.
Now choose the "Advanced Email Options" tab and tag along the tab that comes with the label "When new items arrive in my inbox".
Put a tick mark right on the box that lies next to the "Display a new mail desktop alert" title.
Pick out a particular sound alert from the listed options and select it by clicking on it with your mouse.
Shift the slider bar from left to right to modify the times duration set to a particular length.
Hit on the "OK" tab to save and imply the changes made in to your outlook settings.
With these instructions, you should have no trouble setting a tone to alert you of new messages. We hope that the time spent on this article was informative, thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

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