Monday, October 6, 2014

Microsoft Releases Windows Developer Program For IoT

At the Build 2014 Conference, Microsoft showcased a version of their Windows operating system that is all set to run on the Intel Galileo board, which is a hardware development board that contains a Quark CPU and a number of other hardware device interfaces to go with. The company also stated that they would be providing developer copies of the operating system to interested parties. The company subsequently even opened up the sign-up page for the developer kit and developer preview versions of the program at the conference itself. According to the news we get from our source in the Windows support number staff, the company is all set to roll out about hundreds of developer kits to those signed up at the conference.

Not only that, the company will be releasing hundreds of copies of the developer kits in each week of the summer. In their official blog post, the company spokesperson stated as follows, "I’m pleased to share that we’ve begun rolling out a new Windows Developer Program for IoT. Through this program we are introducing a new Windows Developer for IoT Portal, with documentation and examples to support the developer kits we are starting to ship in small batches. These developer kits include a Galileo board and preview Windows image that supports the standard Arduino Wiring API set and a subset of Win32 API. This Windows image does not yet support Galileo boards outside of our program.”

The Windows support number technicians were given a preview of the developer program and our source there states that the new IoT portal Microsoft has developed for working with the developer kit is awesome, with all the documentation and examples for supporting the programs. If you are not familiar with IoT, it stands for Internet of Things and Microsoft aims to bring their Windows range of products to work with smaller devices. Since the production of the developer kit is working a bit slow, the company will be releasing a batch of the developer kits only a few hundred at a time. However, we hope to see more kits released to the market in the near future.

It was also heard that the Redmond based company is planning to add more templates and guidelines to the developer preview version of the program. However, with the plethora of subscriptions and requests the company is getting for developer preview version, not everyone who has signed up for the kits will be getting them.

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