Sunday, August 10, 2014

About Media Player Apps In Windows 8 OS

If you have just upgraded to the new Windows 8 OS from Windows 7 or XP, then you are likely to see a whole lot of different options and functions and a brand new interface in the new platform. With Windows 8, Microsoft has gone for a radical makeover in their flagship software product line. It is assumed that they were forced to come up with an innovative OS design by the popularity of the touch screen operating systems like Android and iOS, but that did not go the way Microsoft wanted.

The new Windows 8 Metro UI will require some getting used to. Microsoft has updated their OS by ditching the old desktop UI and the Start Menu, and has followed an app-centric approach in designing the new Windows 8 interface. Many of the OS functions works as an app and can be pinned to the Start Screen for easy access. If you have any problems locating the different OS options, you can visit the Windows 8 support webpage or use the Help and Support app included in the operating system itself.

Using the Media Player apps in Windows 8
Microsoft has made some changes to the Media Player application in Windows 8 as well. In the previous OS versions up to Windows 7, Microsoft included DVD support and live streaming option in the Windows Media Player application. However, in Windows 8, Microsoft has removed these two options from the app entirely. You can use the latest version of Windows Media Player 12 for playing audio and video files in Windows 8, but nothing more.

For DVD playback and live streaming options, you will have to use the Media Center app in Windows 8. This app comes preinstalled in the Windows 8.1 Pro edition. However, this app is not included in the standard Windows 8 edition. It seems as if Microsoft expects Windows 8 users to buy the Media Center app from the Windows Store or go for Windows 8 Pro upgrade to enjoy these additional features.

Media Center app comes with all the bells and whistles of the standard WMP application that was there in the older Windows operating systems. You can attach a TV tuner card to your system and use this app to watch live TV programs, and even browse through the different channels.

For more information about the different media player apps available for Windows 8, get in touch with the Windows 8 support team right away.