Monday, May 26, 2014

Unexpected Outage Of Outlook.Com Email Services Leaves Users In Confusion

The unexpected outage of last week (Wednesday) caused frustration among hundreds of users. According to Microsoft experts who investigated the Outlook problems found out that the cause of the outage was the failure of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). Microsoft makes use of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) to enable smooth and uninterrupted syncing of data stored on Microsoft Exchange Server with smartphones, tablets and PCs. This facility enables users to sync all types of data ranging from emails to contacts to calendars.

In its latest blog post, Microsoft extended its apology for the unexpected outage of the email service and the inconvenience it caused for millions of users across the world. The apology that was published in its service status board reads “We want to apologize to everyone who was affected by the outage, and we appreciate the patience you have shown us as we worked through the issues.”

Outage impacts SkyDrive cloud storage

It was not just email users who suffered from the unexpected outage but also users of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service. Partial outage on Peoples contacts application was also reported on the same day about 10 a.m. The worst part was that the issue even affected users who tried to access the email account via their smartphone devices. The mobile version of employs EAS to enable users to access their email accounts. It is the same service that enables iPhones users also to access email services. The synchronization problem on mobile devices persisted until 4.30 on Saturday, about four days after the issue had been detected.

The technical department of Microsoft said that it was looking into the issue on wartime basis. It assured users that there will be well-founded measures to avoid similar issues happening in future. The team blamed cache service failure for the outage of the service on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft to increase network bandwidth

Microsoft said that it had taken two remarkable steps to prevent similar issues from taking place in future. One of the remedies that it had taken already includes increasing the bandwidth for the vulnerable parts in the system. Another step is the incorporation of an unconventional procedure to handle issues pertaining to Exchange ActiveSync.

It is reassuring that Microsoft is taking up creative measures to prevent Outlook problems in future. Microsoft has been more inclusive lately in covering issues with many of its services, especially email applications.

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