Sunday, January 19, 2014

Adding Your Bellsouth Email Account To Microsoft Outlook

You might be using the BellSouth account for your email correspondence, and wondering whether it is possible to connect this email account to your Microsoft Outlook mail client application. It is indeed possible to do so, if you know all the relevant details for setting up the account in Outlook.
You would be able to find the settings details on either the Outlook Express help website, or the official website of the BellSouth email network. After collecting these, you need to follow the instructions given below to the set up the BellSouth email account in Microsoft Outlook.

How to add the BellSouth account to Outlook
  • On the Outlook Express toolbar menu, you would find the Set up a mail account option. This would take you to a number of other options, among which you need to choose Create a new Internet mail account. Here, you would find the Display option – you need to give here the name you want displayed on your outgoing mails.
  • Then you would find the option that says I already have an email account that I would like to use. Now, enter your email address for the BellSouth account in the Email Address field and fill in the other details for setting up the account using the details you collected from the BellSouth mail network website.
  • These details would include the email account type (which would be POP3), the incoming and the outgoing mail server addresses for the BellSouth email service.
  • Once you have entered these details, you would be required to enter the username and password for the BellSouth email account. Only if all the above-mentioned details are entered correctly will the Outlook client be able to connect to the BellSouth mail server.
  • You can use the Remember my password option in the Outlook mail client so that you do not have to enter the password every time you log in.
  • This completes the email account setup process in Outlook Express, and you can exit from the account setup wizard by pressing on the Finish button.
Your BellSouth mail account is now added to the Outlook mail client. You would now receive your BellSouth account mail messages in Outlook Express. If you faced any errors while setting up the mail account, contact Outlook Express help for assistance.

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