Monday, December 9, 2013

Voice Chat Quality Of Xbox One

Xbox One is the gaming console developed by Microsoft. All thanks to the Xbox developers, as they have improved the voice chat features of the Xbox One greatly so that the system now offers high quality audio chats. The predecessor of the Xbox One, Xbox 360 too provided voice chat features although the chat was sluggish and often the connection got lost. According to the latest reports from Microsoft chat, Xbox One offers the best in class chat features available for gaming consoles now available in the market.

Microsoft’s Xbox range gaming consoles allow users to chat with other users; no matter what game they are playing or even if they are doing any other job. However, by the acquiring of Skype messenger, Microsoft benefitted a lot, as it is the code of Skype that makes the audio quality of these consoles exceptionally good. The audio codec of Skype has dedicated multi user audio processing for voice chat and for Skype conversions on Xbox One. One of the major factors driving to the high quality audio input and output from the Xbox console is the presence of the new and advanced headset that provides HD quality audio effects.

According to the details in the Microsoft chat site, the headset captures speech at 24 KHz PCM, which is fifty percentage higher than the headsets found in the Xbox 360’s headset. For knowing the difference between the two new systems, Microsoft posted a video, in which one played back audio at the quality of Xbox 360 and then in the quality of the Xbox One gaming console. You can easily understand the difference in the voice chat quality and this is definitely going to increase the voice chat experience of gamers who are using Xbox One rather than the old Xbox 360.

However, Xbox 360 users will not be able to know about this difference or get a chance to experience the new improved audio quality, as users of Xbox One will not be able to chat with those using its predecessor. Even though Microsoft planned to release the headset as a separate accessory initially with a price of $24.99, it was later revoked by following many complaints and posts in the Microsoft site against it. So now every Xbox One console is shipped with an inbox headset.

If you would like to know more about the Xbox One and its features, visit the Xbox support site.

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