Monday, December 9, 2013

Steps To Fix Your Outlook 2003 Reminders

Microsoft Outlook is essentially an email application that also serves as a personal information manager for the users. This application comprises of several advanced features such as calendar, journals, task manager etc. which enable the users to schedule and organize their important events. Another popular feature of the Microsoft Outlook calendar is the ability to receive reminders for scheduled tasks and appointments. The personal information manager stores the contact information in Outlook Address Books, whereas the personal information is stored in personal storage tables. This is made easier with Microsoft Outlook 2003 as it comes with a Calendar folder to which the users can add appointments. Hence, this email application would display a pop-up reminder when the date or time for an appointment is approaching. However, if Outlook 2003 fails to display calendar reminders, the program may not be running as it should. These Outlook problems may result if the settings are misconfigured, or if the calendar items may be saved in the wrong folder. Outlook help provides ample assistance with fixing the issues related to the Outlook calendar.

You can also use the following instructions to fix your Microsoft Outlook 2003 reminders before seeking assistance from the technical support.
  • In the first step, open the Microsoft Outlook 2003 application on your system. Once the service is opened, select the Tools option from the menu bar. Now, go ahead and select the Options option.
  • In the following step, make sure that the Default Reminder option is checked and select from the drop-down menu once the Microsoft Outlook reminds you of appointments. Select the OK option.
  • Now, leave the Outlook 2003 application open to receive the reminders. For this, you need to go to the primary inbox, where you receive your mail. You have to ensure that the reminders are in the Calendar or Tasks folder. You can also contact Outlook help any time, to seek assistance with such Outlook problems.
  • Once it is finished, exit the Outlook 2003 application if all the Outlook settings are correct, and press the Windows and R keys to open Run.
  • In the final step, input the command outlook /clean reminders into the Run dialog box, and click OK. Once this is complete, reopen Outlook 2003.

These steps would help you to fix your Outlook 2003 calendar reminders in your system. For more information on the features of Outlook, check Microsoft’s official website.

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