Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Xbox 360 Gaming Console Released In The Market

With the increase in demand for gaming consoles and the high competition from Sony PlayStation devices, Microsoft decided to release an advanced and trim model of their popular gaming console Xbox 360. The announcement of the new console came along with the announcement of the Kinect controllers, which allows users to play motion sensing video games. If you are wondering what Kinect is, it is the name of a new technology developed by Microsoft that recognizes motion from the user and allows him to play motion sensing games effectively. According to Microsoft help line, Kinect was first code named as Project Natal by Microsoft technicians.

This new technology allows the users to play games with natural body movements rather than having to use handheld controller devices. The device uses 3D camera and gesture recognition software for enabling people to play games using natural movements. The new Xbox is also slimmer than its predecessor and hosts a 250GB hard drive and is available at the same price of its predecessor. The new console also has built in high-speed wireless connectivity technology.

The software company also displayed a variety of new games that can be played with the Kinect system at the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles. According to our sources in the Microsoft help line, about fifteen titles will be available for playing with the Kinect system in the market after the add-on for earlier Xbox consoles are released. According to the Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunado, “You interact with things the same way you would in the real world, with your moves and your voice, so anyone can jump in and play.”

Microsoft has developed many games for playing with the Kinect console, the main among these are discussed here. Kinectimals is a game that allows users to train and play with wild animals. There are also sports games developed by Microsoft like sprinting and javelin throw that allow users to play using body movements only. Another part of Kinect games is a game by the name Joy Ride, which allows the user to race a car and perform stunts with the car. Microsoft has also included adventurous games like virtual rafting in which one uses his whole body to control the raft.

In short, we can say that with the advent of the Kinect consoles, Microsoft may be able to lead the gaming console market very soon.

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