Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Animation Feature In Microsoft PowerPoint

The Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool that is used for creating slides that come in handy during presentations. Over the years, different editions of the PowerPoint program have been released and have won rave reviews and won critical acclaim. The PowerPoint is must have tool while creating presentations. A lot of animation effects like sound, special fonts and variety of slide designs are available in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Well, most people are not aware on how to make use of animation effects that can be applied to the slides. By following the below provided instructions, animations for PowerPoint can be implemented in a jiffy.


  • Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and access the slides. Now select the tab titled Animations. 
  • Below the Animations tab, a number of icons will be present that are represented by different arrows and designs. The different icons are the different transition options that are available in PowerPoint. 
  • Sounds can also be added. Adding sounds make the slides livelier. In order to apply sound, select the arrow next to Transition Sound and a drop down window will appear. 
  • To decrease and increase the speed with which the slides change, the Transition Speed option needs to be made use of. You can choose the speed that fits your choice. 
  • The animation effects are also applicable to the text in the slide. The different animation options can be used to beautify the appearance of the text and content on the slide. To add animation to the text, highlight the text and select the Add Effect button that is present below the Custom Animation tab. 
  • Once the animations are set, select the Start arrow. If you want the animation to start when you click the mouse, choose the Onclick option. To make the text transition to occur automatically when the slide changes, select the Previous option and to make the transition effect occur automatically after the previous transition has finished, make use of the After Previous option. According to your choice, the respective selection has to be made. 
By making use of these tips, you can have a fun outing with the Microsoft PowerPoint and animations for PowerPoint can be an easy task. If you have any doubts in following these steps or require additional help, you may contact the Microsoft support website.

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