Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Simple Steps To Remove Keybar1.8 Toolbar

Most toolbars for web browsers seem to or claim to be helpful for the users, but in reality, they are rather annoying than of any use. Once a toolbar is installed in your browser, it would eventually take control of your entire browsing process. You would start noticing strange things happening in your web browser such as changed homepage and altered default search engine.

You will be lead to an entirely different page when you type something in the address bar. One such annoying toolbar is KeyBar1.8 toolbar. Removing keybar1.8 toolbar is not an easy task, as you do not find it in the extension menu of your browser unlike in the case of other authentic toolbars.

Even if you have successfully removed it from Add/Remove Programs via Control Panel, it may stick around and cause more annoyance. In fact, Keybar1.8 toolbar does not have an uninstall file. If you think that, you do not see it important to remove it from the browser; you are on the wrong track. Not removing this toolbar is sure to slow down your browsing speed.

Some users think that navigating to is the best option to get rid of keybar1.8. However, this will never be an end choice, as even this will not help you take control over your browser.

When Keybar1.8 toolbar is installed in the browser, some deep down changes take place in the computer. Even setting your computer to default system configuration does not help. Unsurprisingly, once this toolbar is installed, it makes your computer vulnerable to most search engine viruses.

Follow the below given instructions to learn how to remove KeyBar1.8 toolbar from the web browser. Alternatively, you can browse through OmniTech support reviews for effective troubleshooting steps.

Getting rid of Keybar1.8 toolbar effectively 
  • Navigate to Start menu and select Control Panel. 
  • Double-click on Add/Remove Programs icon. 
  • Scroll down to locate keybar1.8 toolbar and highlight it. 
  • Click Remove option. 
  • Click Yes if Windows prompt you to confirm the deletion. 
  • Now, open your browser and go to Tools menu. 
  • Choose Add-ons. 
  • Select Extensions and find keybar1.8 toolbar and select it. 
  • Press Uninstall. 
  • Once the toolbar is uninstalled from the browser, you will be notified. Click OK to continue. 
  • Restart your browser and you will no longer have keybar1.8 toolbar in it. 
With the above steps of instructions, you would be able remove keybar1.8 toolbar from your web browser. Run an antivirus scan for any malware threat that may have been left behind by the toolbar. For more troubleshooting instructions, browse through OmniTech support reviews.

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