Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saving Passwords Using The Internet Explorer

When you have more than one email account or when you regularly surf the web and visit a number of sites, you are often prompted to enter a username and password. Well it is quite a difficult task to remember all the passwords and if you have entered a password wrong, you will not be able to visit that site or access that account. So the Internet Explorer comes to your rescue as the Internet Explorer has a feature to remember passwords so that you do not have to store countless number of passwords all by yourself. By following the below provided Windows online support guidelines, you can easily save passwords in Windows.


  • Switch on the system and wait for your system to load.
  • After the system loads, access the Internet Explorer either from the Start menu or by double clicking the Internet Explorer desktop shortcut icon or by accessing it from the location in the hard disk. The default location of the Internet Explorer in the hard disk is in the Program files folder contained inside the C drive.
  • After accessing the Internet Explorer, from the different menus that are present at the top, choose the Tools menu and then click on Internet Options. The tab titled Content will be present and you have to select it and below the Auto Complete setting, choose the Settings option.
  • The check boxes corresponding to Forms and User names and passwords on forms have to be check marked. Select the OK button and then click the OK button again.
  • Now navigate to a site that needs a username and password. Enter the username and password in the required fields and login. Now a message will appear asking you to save your password. Click on Yes and the password will be saved.

By making use of this feature in the Internet Explorer, you do not have to remember countless number of passwords and logging in will be a less hectic task. Also for safety reasons, it is better to make use of this feature only on your private computer rather than on a public computer.

By following these Windows online support tips, the passwords can be easily saved. If you have any doubts on the same, you may visit the Microsoft support website. The Microsoft support website provides the best and easiest help advice and solutions for all your Microsoft related issues.

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