Monday, November 25, 2013

Removing The Ask Jeeves Toolbar

The Ask Jeeves Toolbar is a very persistent toolbar, which is also a browser hijacker. It gets installed in Windows based computers as an add-on. This hijacker is able to hijack all the major browsers including the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once this toolbar gets installed in your browser, it changes almost all of the settings in the browser and will always redirect you to the page. This toolbar presents itself as a legitimate toolbar and some of its features are even useful, but on a whole, it is a nuisance as it makes browsing very sluggish. This is the reason why all the users want to get rid of this toolbar.

Instructions On Manual Removal 

You will have to manually remove the Ask Jeeves toolbar if it is installed in your computer. Get rid of this infectious application from your computer immediately to avoid further damage. The steps on how to remove Ask toolbar are explained below. The manual removal process is complicated.

  • Get Into Safe Mode

The first step is to start the computer in safe mode. Restart the computer when it is running in normal mode. Tap the F8 key while the computer restarts. This will take you to the Advanced boot menu window. From this window, select Safe Mode from the list of options and press the Enter key to start your computer in Safe Mode.

  • Delete the Associated Processes

The next thing is to remove the processes related to the Ask Jeeves toolbar. These processes will be running in the background. To remove these processes, start the Task Manager, which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys together. Once the Task Manager opens, click on the Processes tab. This will give you a list of the currently running processes in your computer. Delete the %AppData%\[RANDOM CHARACTERS]\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe process from the list.

  • Delete The Files And Folders

The next task is to remove the files and folders associated to this browser hijacker. The suspicious files are given below.
%Desktopdir%\Ask Jeeves Toolbar .lnk
and %Programs%\Ask Jeeves Toolbar \Ask Jeeves Toolbar .lnk

Delete these files and the Ask Jeeves toolbar will get removed from your computer completely. These are the steps on how to remove Ask toolbar. If you still have any doubts regarding the steps, you can refer to the toolbar removal module in the Microsoft web site.

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