Monday, July 1, 2013

Support To Fix Outlook Express When It Fails To Send Emails

Outlook Express is an email client feature that allows the user to connect with users around the world. The application comes pre-installed on Windows Internet Explorer browser. Corrupt updates and malicious codes on your system can prevent you from sending and receiving Emails. The tutorial will help you fix these errors with Outlook Express. 

Outlook Express help instructions
  • Turn on your computer and sign into your admin account. Click on the admin account icon. When prompted enter your Username and Password. Click on the guest account icon to log in as the guest user.
  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook. You may launch the app either from the Start menu or from the home screen. If you have shortcut links plugged on the taskbar, double click them. Similarly, you can launch the application by clicking the desktop link. If no such shortcuts exist, try launching the application from the Start menu. 
  • Click on the Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. Alternatively, you can launch the Start menu using the keyboard shortcut combo Ctrl + Esc. Instead, you may use the Windows shortcut label to launch the application.  
  • From the Start pop up, select the label that reads All Programs. The All Programs submenu will list down all the applications installed in the system. From the All Programs submenu, select the program labeled Outlook Express.
  • Open the application and click on the label that reads Tools. You will find the Tools label placed on the top left corner of the Outlook Express table. From the dropdown, select the label that reads Account.
  • From the Accounts window, click the Mail tab. scroll down and select the account from the window. Now click the Properties Window. 
  • Select the Servers tab. Delete the text in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box. Enter into the text field. 
  • Select Outgoing Mail Server. Place a tick mark in the box next to the label that reads My server requires authentication. Click on the label that reads Settings. Select the label that reads Log on using under Login Information.
  • Enter your MSN Member ID information into the text space next to the label that reads Account Name box. Now place a tick mark in the box next to the label that reads Log on using Secure Password Authentication.
  • Hit OK to save the settings and to close the Outgoing Mail Server and Mail Account Properties.
  • Try sending the test mail. 

The instructions briefed above will help you fix the Outlook Express error. For more assistance and help on fixing Outlook Express errors, contact our Outlook Express help support centre. 

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