Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Missing Email In Outlook Express

An important email missing from inbox might annoy you too much. It could be personal, confidential or even an e-bill sent to you. Here are few reasons for email disappearing from your Outlook account.

Deleted email in Outlook

You might accidently delete an email or few of them. It is possible that an email that is missing in the inbox list could have been deleted unintentionally. To view such emails, just click on the Deleted items option located on the left side of the Microsoft Outlook window. Hopefully, you will find the important missing email in here.

Is it an incorrect selection made?

If you can’t find an email, you might have selected an inappropriate or incorrect folder. It is probable that the email you are trying to find is placed in a sub-folder other than the one opened. Check, if Inbox located on the left hand side of Outlook window is selected and is highlighted in gray color.
View settings option
At the top of the Microsoft Outlook screen, View button would be available. Click this and select Current view option. You need to make sure the option Show all messages is clicked and selected. The emails wouldn’t appear in Outlook Express if any other option is selected.

Outlook Express errors due to Antivirus

If you have updated or recently installed malware software, ensure that the settings of the scanning program cover email as well. An older version or incompatible email scanning program would cause a missing email from your Outlook inbox. The antivirus program might have categorized the particular email message as a spam or a virus and it tries to prevent it from harming you.

Outlook account settings

You need to check and verify your Microsoft Outlook email account settings with the help of the email service provider. If any of this setting is incorrect, you would receive some kind of error message. It is also probable that you wouldn’t receive email due to such incorrect settings.

Corruption causing Outlook Express errors

Microsoft Outlook Express files stored in your computer might be corrupted due to changes in default settings. An error message could pop up due to such a corruption in any of the important Outlook Express files. Thankfully, in most of the cases the corrupted files could be replaced easily. Otherwise, you would have to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Outlook Express.

The above-mentioned are the reasons for missing emails in Outlook Express. For more on the topic, visit our tech forums and blogs.


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