Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guidelines To Inform The Hacking Of An Email Account

The internet is one of the most advanced platforms ever created. There are millions of possibilities that users can make use of when it comes to the internet. In fact, this is what drives the modern day human, and this applies to almost every individual. However, consider yourselves warned; there are various threats on the Internet that pose danger to your data and information. For instance, hackers are a major threat to the online community, and internet crimes are multiplying at a very fast rate.
Email hacking is, by far, one of the crimes most perpetrated on the Internet. Sending and receiving emails opens up a portal for the hackers to attack. The targets here are not restricted to private individuals, but corporate ones as well. Unfortunately, this has become an everyday scenario. As a result, Internet service providers and email providers have initiated a set of procedures to deal with such emergencies. For instance, Google has released a set of procedures to deal with Gmail account hacked issues. Essentially, you can report the hacked issues to the service provider, and avail of the support they provide. Let us see the basic steps involved.
Reporting hacked email account
• If you find that your account has been hacked into, you need to contact your email service provider immediately.
• If your account is Gmail, you need to contact the Google tech support and help experts. If the account is Hotmail, you need to contact the MSN support experts.
• If the Internet service provider is Rogers, you need to contact them to let them know about the incident.
• You need to attach all the relevant information along with an explanatory mail and send it to them. The time of discovery is an important aspect and should not be missed.
• You also need to include the time of the last login along with the mail. Try to include the emails that surfaced as a result of hacking. You can also include other suspicious emails that came days before the hacking incident.
• You need to locate the agency that has complete jurisdiction over the hacking issues. This will help you find the registered address of the suspect. For Gmail account hacked issues, you can visit the official page of Google.
Hacking an email account is not a punishable offence in many countries. This loophole makes it easy for the criminals to escape. This only means that you should be double careful while handling your mail.

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