Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Steps To Format Graph Problems In Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by the software giant Microsoft. Excel can be used to perform a wide range of mathematical and accounting related calculations. The Excel features graphic tools to visually-display a wide variety of information. The graphic tools, calculation and pivoting tables and the macro programming language offered by Microsoft Excel allows the user to present the data in  a much simpler and easier manner. Excel also allows the users to customize the graphs, change its colors and format. Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to customize the excel graphs.

Instructions to fix Excel problems (graph format)

Turn ON your Windows system and log in to your account.
Open the existing Excel spreadsheet that contains your graph data. Launch the Start menu by clicking the Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the Start screen. From the Start pop up, select the label that reads Microsoft Excel. If you don’t find the same in the instant start pop up, select the label that reads All Programs. From the sub menu, select the label Microsoft Excel.  
Click on the file label placed on top of the toolbar. From the drop down, select the label open. This will launch a new window listing down all the Excel files on your device. If you haven’t yet created any graph for your information, right click and highlight the cells and select the label Insert. Scroll down Chart Styles option and select the appropriate graph type for your data.
Select the Format tab. The format tab will allow you to change the color, fills, outlines, effects and fonts. Select the WordArt Styles area to add, remove or to modify the WordArt on your chart. You can also modify the font color, font size and other font details. Format the layout of the objects with the Arrange and Size areas.
Hit the Current Selection drop down box to edit or change the graphical components. To open the advanced formatting options, select the Format Selection option. Hit the Save button to save the changes made and to save the excel file.
Follow the simple guidelines mentioned above to format graph problems in Microsoft Excel. You may also contact our help and support center to fix  various Excel problems. Drop in to our blogs and online discussion forums for help.

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