Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How To Set Up Outlook To Receive My Email

Microsoft Outlook is the email client software from Microsoft that allows the users to send and exchange emails with ease. The software allows the user to schedule his meetings and tasks as well his contacts list. You will need to configure your email accounts on Outlook to make the full use of it. Microsoft allows its users to configure accounts with ease. You can configure your account to automatically download the new email messages in order to use them offline.

Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to set up and configure Outlook account with ease. You will need an account name, an email address and a password to set up Outlook.

Outlook settings instructions

  • Switch on your personal computer and wait for the Windows home screen to appear. 
  • Start Microsoft Outlook. To start the application either click on the desktop shortcut or on the link pinned on to the taskbar. Alternatively, you can launch Microsoft Outlook from the Start menu. Click on the Start orb placed on the left corner of the home screen. From the start menu pop up, click on the label that read All Programs. From the submenu, select the label that reads Microsoft Outlook. If you are using Windows 8 device, hover the mouse around the bottom left edge of the home screen. 
  • Select the Tools tab from the quick access toolbar. From the Tools dropdown, select the label that reads Email Accounts. This will take you to the Outlook setup page. If not, from the Email Accounts submenu, select the option that reads Add Account.  
  • Enter your name details when prompted into the box next to the label that reads Name.
  • Similarly, enter your email address into the box next to the label that reads Email Address. Make sure that you provide an active email address and not an expired one. 
  • Enter your password when prompted into the box next to the label that reads Password. Re-enter your password when prompted. Make sure that you re-enter the same password. 
  • Hit the Finish option to save the changes you have made. Outlook will self configure after it establishes  connection with the server. 

Follow the above steps to Configure Outlook with ease. Try to keep up with the above guidelines and feel free to contact our Outlook settings help desk for more assistance on the same. Email us your valuable feedbacks and queries on the same.

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