Thursday, March 21, 2013

Steps To Repair Pst And Ost Files

Personal Information Store, or an Offline Folder file on Microsoft Outlook 2007, stores your personal details, the details of the saved email messages and calendar appointments. But what if it gets corrupted?
The corrupted OST and PST files will restrict you from accessing the .dat and email files on the system. You can easily repair them by launching the PST Inbox Repair Tool or the OST Integrity Check Tool, included in MS Outlook.

Outlook repair Instructions to fix PST and OST files on Outlook

PST Inbox Repair Tool
Close the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application.
Launch the Start Menu by clicking on the Start icon located in the bottom left corner of the Home Screen Taskbar. Go to the Search or Find option on your system.
Enter the search word scanpst.exe into the search space. Hit the search option to initiate the search for scanpst.exe in the Programs or Folders text box.
Double Click on the Scanpst.exe file to open the Inbox Repair Tool.
Select the Browse option to steer into the PST file location. Alternatively, you can reach the PST file location by typing the path location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12. Select the Start option after you have found the PST file location, and then initiate the search process.
Select the Repair option, after you have finished scanning the files. The Repair option will get your files on Outlook repaired. The repair process will take some time to complete and once it finishes, it will display the Repair Complete message.
Now try reopening Microsoft outlook Express.
OST Integrity Check Tool
Close MS Outlook 2007.
Launch the Start Menu search for the scanpst.exe file in the programs or folders text box.
Select the Scanost.exe file and open the OST Integrity Check Tool. Hit Enter. This will launch the Scanost tool.
Select either Scan all folders option or select the folder that you intend to scan. The Scan all folders option will scan the entire system, and will take several minutes to complete. Check the box next to the label that reads Repair errors, to have the tool automatically fix the errors during the scan.
Click to initiate the scan process. Open Microsoft Outlook after the scan is completed. Select to open the folder labeled Deleted items. Open the message with the subject OST Integrity Check.
Follow the above Outlook repair instructions to fix the issues with PST and OST files. You may visit tech blogs and forums for any more assistance on the same.