Monday, January 14, 2013

Outlook Is Unable To Receive Email

The need for an Email client program was obliged when Microsoft launched the outlook personal manager software which was programmed to receive emails from various other email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo and the like. This email program from Microsoft is not without its errors though. There have been issues where the email client was not able to synchronize with the email application. If it gets corrupted by errors to its programming, the application won’t respond well to internet servers and thus won’t be able to receive or send email. If you are affected by such errors then just tag along the following instructions developed by the Outlook tech support team.
o Launch the Microsoft Outlook program on your desktop.
o Go for the "Tools” tab that can be accessed from the top end of the Microsoft Outlook to pave way for the "Accounts" tab.
o Now tag along the "Mail" tab to reveal a list that contains the name of the email accounts that can be synchronized with the Microsoft Outlook mail program.
o Pick out an account from the above mentioned list and click on it twice to lodge a complaint regarding the failure while installing.
o Tag along the "General" tab and have a look in the list to verify the accounts integrated with your outlook mail program.
o From the "Servers" tab you will be able to access the "Account Name” tab in which you will have type in the address of your valid and existing email account.
o Navigate to your mail account page using a web browser and pick out your inbox to wipe out the emails that come under the tag “Spam emails”. It’s done so because these mails would be a hindrance for the outlook wizard to synchronize with the mail account.
o Open up the anti-virus program or firewall software installed on your Windows computer and go to its settings to check if it’s blocking the connection towards the mail program. If so, just revert the settings and configure it as per the program’s requirement. You can also avail help from the outlook tech support team to assist you in configuring the settings.
o Now enable the "Send/Receive" option to wrap up the entire procedure.
This should be enough to smoothly linking the client with the email service provider. If you are still plagued with issues, it would be better to seek online support in the form of chat or voice services from Microsoft technical support