Thursday, November 22, 2012

Disabling the Remote Desktop Connectivity in Windows

Remote desktop application is a very good utility which comes as inbuilt software in some of the normal Windows platform editions, Mobile Windows platform editions and Windows RT platform editions. Microsoft introduced the first version in the Windows NT server 4.0. This application was introduced by the name Terminal Services in the Windows NT server 4.0. After some time, Redmond Professional thought they could go for a better name and changed the name to the current one. The remote desktop application employs the RDP (Remote Desktop protocol) to connect to the other system over Internet. Remote desktop application is now available in the PC platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. It is also available in the Mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Symbian and RIM. For more details on the supported platforms check the Windows tech support website.
Remote desktop application is used for connecting to a remote computer through Internet and to perform activities in that computer. This application does not establish any file transfer protocol between the two systems. It allows the user to control the desktop of the other user. This system requires password login and the application support activated in the system. This application employs graphical user interface, unlike Remote Desktop applications like Putty.
Leaving the remote desktop application enabled in the Windows OS can pose a threat to the platform security. Remote desktop client hands over all the privileges of the user account in which login takes place. Here are some instructions to disable remote desktop connectivity in Windows platform.

Log in using your administrator account to your PC computer.
Open the Command prompt.
Type query session into the command prompt Window and press Enter key. This command displays a list of the active remote desktop sessions on your computer. Each session is assigned an ID number, which will be also displayed.
Type tsdiscon and then the ID number of the session you want to manually disconnect with a space in between. After typing, press the Enter key to execute.
Open the Control Panel Window and double click on the System Icon to open it.
Now click on the Remote tab.
Uncheck the box aligned to the text "Allow Users to Connect Remotely to Your Computer" and press OK.

Remote Desktop is now disabled. If you want to disable any ports which are open and unused, use the Telnet client. Instructions for using Telnet client are in Windows tech support websites.

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