Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never get worried if you can’t find your mouse pointer in Windows 7

Its quiet natural that people gets frustrated when their cursor or better known as mouse pointers disappears for a while. This issue can occur due to various reasons like improper installation, broken software, and compatibility issues. Microsoft Windows 7 tech support developed remedial measures for such errors along with Windows 7 operating systems. Pursue the following instructions to avoid vanishing of cursors as well as repetition of this issue.
Press on “Start” and select “Control panel” in which there will be an option like “Hardware and Sound”. Open “Hardware and sound” by double clicking on it.
Open “Devices and Printers” and choose “Mouse” which will lead to Mouse properties Window. Inside that window there are various tabs among which “Pointers” have to be selected. Then change its size and shape.
Check whether the “Hide pointer” option is checked inside the pointer option tab.
In the “Pointer” tab there are other options such as mouse visibility and mouse speed. Adjust them as you wish to and click on “Apply”. Quit the current window and check whether your cursor is now visible, almost certainly it should be.
Improper installation of video drivers for graphics acceleration will also result in disappearance of cursors. In that case uninstall your graphics driver and install a newer version of the video driver compatible to your computers configuration. All the versions of video drivers are available in graphics card manufacturer’s website for download. Before following these instructions make sure that you are logged in as Administrator.
When you are done with step 5 click on “Start” button and type in “mmc devmgmt.msc” to launch device manager window. Device manager window will give you information’s about the drivers installed in your computer. When the search pop ups device manager file, open and run that program as administrator.
Check whether the graphics driver of your computer have become Corrupt or outdated. If you find so, right click on that driver and select “update software”. You can either download the latest version of the driver from manufacturer’s website or install it manually from driver CD that comes with your motherboard. After updating the driver software exit the device manager window and reboot your PC.
Microsoft Windows 7 tech support team developed these methods. It’s the most effective and proven remedy to fix issues such as disappearance of your cursor. If you are confused about this, contact Microsoft for technical assistance.

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