Monday, January 12, 2015

Avail The Best Support For Your PC Issues At Omni Tech Support

Whenever I encounter an issue with my PC, I call Omni Tech Support to fix the issue. This is because I have been availing the services of this firm for the past two years and this technical support firm has never let me down. Each time I contact them for support, I have received the optimum level of support. I will give you a few instances of my contact with this firm so that you can understand the quality of support provided by this firm.

Before two years, my computer had a virus issue. I contacted two technical support firms and they could not fix the issue. On one of my friend’s suggestion, I contacted Omni Tech Support and they were able to fix the issue. With this, I was impressed with the support team of this firm. Since then, I have been contacting Omni Tech Support for all my computer related issues. I think there are numerous factors that make Omni Tech Support the best technical support firm in the country. In this review, I will share my thoughts on this company and why I think it is the best in the industry.

The major reason why I stick on to this company to fix all technical issues is that this company has the best technicians in the country. The highly skilled technicians of Omni Tech Support can fix the issue quickly. I remember that I had to wait for several hours on phone when I contacted a technical support firm earlier. Even after waiting this long, my issue was not fixed. This is the difference between Omni Tech Support and other technical support firms. At Omni Tech Support, you do not have to spend the whole day to fix an issue with the computer. This is applicable for all sorts of technical issues.

Now, it does not matter whether you have a printer issue or an issue with the operating system of your PC, Omni Tech Support will offer you the best support. One of the major advantages of this company is that it provides trustworthy services to the users. Therefore, there are no Omni Tech Support scams reported so far. The absence of Omni Tech Support scams is a major reason why people like me avail the services of this firm. You may also go through Omni Tech Support reviews and find out how this technical support firm is helping customers around the world in fixing their computer issues.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Speed Up Your Computer With Online Tech Support

Computer slowness is a very common issue and this can be caused due to a number of reasons. The issue id not a fatal one but troubleshooting it needs a lot of patience, as there can be a number of things that can contribute to computer slowness. If you do not know the cause of the issue, it will be better to seek technical help for fixing the issue.

Computer slowness can be caused by a number of reasons and the Omni Tech Support tips that are explained below will help you know more about some of the causes.

Conflicting Programs

This is one of the most common causes of computer slowness. Some of the programs that are installed in the computer might be conflicting and these will end up utilizing all the available resources in your computer. For example, installing two different brands of Anti Virus programs can make you computer slow and you may not notice that the programs are conflicting. In such situations, you will need to find out which all programs are conflicting and will need to get rid of the conflicting program from your computer to make it fast.

Low Memory

This is yet another reason for computer slowness. If the available RAM in your computer is low then the computer will be slow. To make sure that your computer has enough RAM, you will need to right click on Computer and then select Properties from the options. This will display you the specifications of your computer and you will be able to know about the installed RAM in your computer. If you have enough RAM in your computer, then something else might be causing the issues.

Large Cache

Cache is a temporary storage area in memory that is used for faster processing of data. This area should be cleared regularly to make your computer fast. To do this, you can type in Temp in the Run line and then press the Enter key. The temporary files in your computer will be displayed and you can delete all those files that are not currently being used. This will make your computer faster.

These are some of the simple things that you can do to speed up your computer. For more assistance, you can contact the Omni Tech Support team. In the world of Internet, Omnitech support is sometimes referred to as Omni Tech Support scams. But you may have understood that the reference Omni Tech Support scams is completely wrong after reading the above guidelines. Check out the official website for more info.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Steps To Identify Your Outlook Express Stationary Folder

Outlook Express is one of the most useful email applications that comes associated with the Internet Explorer. The application comprises of several interesting options that enable a comfortable messaging experience to the users. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was rebranded as Windows Mail and then again it was renamed as Windows Live Mail. For any issue related to this email application, you can contact the OmniTech support team. But make sure that you contact only the genuine tech support service, to avoid being getting trapped in online scams.

Since Outlook Express sounds similar to Microsoft Outlook, many people tend to think that both the applications are the same. However, both these programs are entirely different and have different functionalities. For example, if the contact information of the Outlook users is stored in Outlook Address book, the same is stored in Windows Address books in the case of Outlook Express.

Sometimes, certain users encounter issues in Outlook Express while identifying the Stationary folder. This folder looks for stationary by default in the program and sometimes it is true that identifying the folder can be tricky. Well, as mentioned earlier, whenever you encounter issues in Outlook Express, ensure that you call only genuine tech support services like the Omni Tech support team. There are several online tech support companies available nowadays that would actually be online scams posing themselves as reliable tech support services.

Well, if you’re facing the same issue, you can use the following instructions provided by the Omni Tech support service:
  • In the first step, you need to click on Run. You can access this option by clicking on the Start menu in your computer. Once the dialog box appears, you need to enter regedit and then press return.
  • In the next step, you need to press Ctrl-F and then type Stationery Folder. 
  • Now, press Return and then double-click on the key. You can find the option in this location - \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \¬SOFTWARE \¬Microsoft \¬Shared Tools \¬Stationery. 
  • Here, the highlighted value would be your Outlook Express stationery folder. 
  • You can also open the Outlook Express stationery folder in Windows Explorer. Now, press Ctrl-C to copy the path to your Outlook Express stationery folder. 
  • Once you have copied, click on Run from the Start menu, paste the content and then click on Return.
By following these steps, you will be able to successfully locate your Outlook Express’s stationary folder. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Keep Or Ditch Windows XP? Some Useful Tips

Windows XP is now an unsupported operating system, meaning, if you are a Windows XP user, your PC can catch a virus or security threat at any point of time and Microsoft wouldn’t care at all. If it is the fear of running legacy applications forcing you to stick to using Windows XP, let me tell you that there are plenty of alternative options to run legacy applications in latest Windows operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. According to an OmniTech Support review, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can run the legacy applications they carried over from XP with the help of the Compatibility or Windows XP mode features.

How to run Windows XP applications in latest Windows versions?

Most of the latest operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 allow its users to run legacy applications in compatibility or Windows XP mode. In case a particular application does not open in compatibility mode, you can get a free virtual machine from Oracle or any other developers, install it your PC, and then run the legacy application in virtual mode. VirtualBox is a popular virtual machine tool that enables you to run Windows XP apps on any Windows operating system.

Upgrading to latest Windows versions from Windows XP

You can’t upgrade your OS from Windows XP to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 directly because Microsoft’s upgrade policy restricts upgrades between inconsecutive OS versions, meaning before being able to upgrade to Windows 8.1, you should go through Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Hence, a fresh installation is the simple choice. However, before going for a fresh installation of Windows 8.1 on your PC, make sure that your PC is compatible with Windows 8.1. Go to Microsoft support site to review the system requirements for Windows 8 installation.

Tips for using Windows XP safely

If you can’t upgrade your PC from XP to any of the latest Windows versions because it is an aged PC with low hardware features, it is better that you continue using XP in it. As XP is all-the-more vulnerable now, restrain from using it for online activities.

If you have any further questions regarding Windows 8 upgrade or using Windows XP safely, feel free to get in touch with Omni Tech support desk or read OmniTech support review articles about the concerned topics from the database.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Windows XP Support Ends, But Many Users Are Still Sticking To It

Microsoft has completely ended its support for the old Windows XP operating system. This is of course old news. However, some of the users, it seems, have totally ignored it. How else can you explain the millions of users still clinging on to Windows XP? Windows XP support ended on April 8, this year and it is still the second most popular operating system.

Though it seems totally insane to continue with Windows XP after the end of support, things get much clear when we analyze the probable reasons. The first one is the familiarity of the operating system. Windows XP has been around for many years now, thirteen years to be precise. This is in no way a small period for an operating system. Because of its long life span, most Windows users are familiar with Windows XP and its features. Moreover, Windows XP has evolved over the years to become one of the most solid operating systems developed by the software maker.

Another possible reason is the fear of change. Most users are familiar with Windows XP and they could not possible think of any other operating system taking the place of Windows XP. Migrating to newer operating systems means adjusting to a new system, which might not be an easy task for many users.

Another possible reason is the awful Windows Vista operating system. The Windows Vista effect actually boosted the significance of Windows XP, its reliability and stability. Windows Vista is one of the worst missteps for the software maker. There were too many issues with Windows Vista. Some of the features had problems and it was actually slower than XP.

Since Windows XP existed for so long, there were many software applications developed during its time. Many business applications were developed to be compatible only to Windows XP. Migrating to newer operating systems means that these companies have to invest their time, effort and money for developing or purchasing new software that works on them. This may not be feasible for SMBs that work on a shoestring budget.

Whatever may be the case, continuing with an unsupported OS can be extremely unsafe. You may have to guard your system against the ever growing number of security threats. There are antivirus options but not all are good enough. Some such as our Omni Tech Support scam warning would like alert you about fraudulent sites or apps. This Omni Tech Support scam warning means that you need to pay attention before downloading these applications.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Microsoft Releases Windows Developer Program For IoT

At the Build 2014 Conference, Microsoft showcased a version of their Windows operating system that is all set to run on the Intel Galileo board, which is a hardware development board that contains a Quark CPU and a number of other hardware device interfaces to go with. The company also stated that they would be providing developer copies of the operating system to interested parties. The company subsequently even opened up the sign-up page for the developer kit and developer preview versions of the program at the conference itself. According to the news we get from our source in the Windows support number staff, the company is all set to roll out about hundreds of developer kits to those signed up at the conference.

Not only that, the company will be releasing hundreds of copies of the developer kits in each week of the summer. In their official blog post, the company spokesperson stated as follows, "I’m pleased to share that we’ve begun rolling out a new Windows Developer Program for IoT. Through this program we are introducing a new Windows Developer for IoT Portal, with documentation and examples to support the developer kits we are starting to ship in small batches. These developer kits include a Galileo board and preview Windows image that supports the standard Arduino Wiring API set and a subset of Win32 API. This Windows image does not yet support Galileo boards outside of our program.”

The Windows support number technicians were given a preview of the developer program and our source there states that the new IoT portal Microsoft has developed for working with the developer kit is awesome, with all the documentation and examples for supporting the programs. If you are not familiar with IoT, it stands for Internet of Things and Microsoft aims to bring their Windows range of products to work with smaller devices. Since the production of the developer kit is working a bit slow, the company will be releasing a batch of the developer kits only a few hundred at a time. However, we hope to see more kits released to the market in the near future.

It was also heard that the Redmond based company is planning to add more templates and guidelines to the developer preview version of the program. However, with the plethora of subscriptions and requests the company is getting for developer preview version, not everyone who has signed up for the kits will be getting them.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Keeping In Touch With The Microsoft Outlook Updates

If you use Outlook email client, you know it serves as a single channel to access all your emails. Sending and receiving emails is a major part of our job and hence, it is crucial to maintain and use Outlook email client to the best of our needs. The best way to do so is to install all the updates that come along the way. To know which updates are necessary, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

In theory, the process is easy. You regularly check for any possible updates, and then download and install them, when they are available. Although you might be tempted to cancel certain updates, for example, a language update that lets you support an unwanted language, it is better to leave it as it is

The best solution is to install any and every update that comes along your way. Moreover, it shortens the time needed by eliminating the need to evaluate each update and select the most appropriate one. Hence, it would be better to check for updates once a week, preferably on Thursday or Friday to keep in tune with the official update cycle. The standard update cycle is normally update release once a month. However, you do not want to delay updating any important security patches that may be sporadically released by Microsoft.

This suggestion should be followed only for home systems or office workstations that do not have their own update policy. Your company might have its own update guidelines, in which case it is better to follow them.

There is some notion that only the original program will run the fastest and any further updates to it will only slow it down further. However, this notion is false, since you will have a more efficient program that does not have junk mail, if you maintain frequent updates. Frequent improvements in the junk mail filter help your inbox remain clutter-free the entire time.

Here is how you update:
  • Go to Microsoft Office Downloads home page using your preferred web browser.
  • Select the link that automatically scans your computer and figures out, which updates are necessary.
  • Click to select the updates you want and then download them.
  • Install the updates and close the browser. Restart your PC, if you need to.
If you follow the instructions, you will be able to install any updates as they come. Contact our Microsoft tech support, if you need further assistance.